Mobile website design: 30 pro tips

Mobile design experts Anna Dahlström, Dean Evans and Sam Hampton-Smith share their best advice for those involved in apps for mobile devices. In the last few years mobile design has exploded, but knowing what to do and where to start can be tricky. Mobile design is not just a question of a mobile website or […]

Too Big, Too Small, or Just Right: Creating a Website for Multiple Screens

For many, planning a multi-screen web experience is no longer an afterthought; it’s the starting point. More and more, people are viewing websites outside of the traditional desktop screen. From tablets and phones to netbooks, laptops, and even TVs, optimizing for a wider audience (and their wider screens) is key. However, there are many considerations […]

Designing Responsively: Fundamental Practices

Web designers seem to have come to a consensus that building separate sites for the vast amount of devices available is nearly impossible. Responsive sites are the future, unless the mobile site requires some very specific functionality or entirely different context which is worth the extra development. The buzz words you might already know are […]

Ten steps to building a simple website with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 | Adobe Inspire Magazine

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web production tool used to build websites and mobile apps using web standard technologies (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). Dreamweaver CS6 includes full support for HTML5 and CSS3, enabling you to create fluid page designs, smooth transitions between content, and content that translates to web and mobile applications. Whether you’re […]